Ready to Take Your Grill Game to Legendary Status? Porcupine Trading's Divine BBQ Equipment and Flavorful Spice Rubs Await.

Are you ready to transform your backyard BBQ into a culinary wonderland that legends are made of? It’s time to elevate your grill game with Porcupine Trading’s divine selection of BBQ equipment and tantalizing spice rubs!


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About Us

Ignite Your Taste Buds: Discover Porcupine's BBQ Magic!

Imagine a succulent BBQ short rib that falls off the bone the moment you hold it, with spices that are perfectly balanced and give that burst of flavor that will leave you wanting more. Want to bring this to reality? Porcupine Trading has carefully curated some of the most out of the world BBQ rubs that will give your meat a tantalizing transformation! And to make things even juicier for our flavor fanatics, our mouthwatering sauces add a little spice and excitement to your life(and the meat)!


Years of Experience

Farm-to-Table Excellence

Say goodbye to stale rubs that bring down your meat’s worth. The rubs and sauces at Porcupine Trading add life to any meat cut, make it mouthwatering and ready to serve(and be served)!

Made in the USA

Our rubs, sauces and equipment make Porcupine Trading the best in texas. You can rest assured that you're getting the local flavors in every bite!

Elite BBQ Equipment

Did the BBQ grill and digital thermometer ditch you at the end moment of your party? With Porcupine Trading’s high tech BBQ equipment, know that you will never experience the same scenario!

A Cooking Community Like No Other

BBQ is not just food, it's a culinary adventure for us Texans! Once you join our community, you can share your grilling tips, recipes, and culinary adventures with other like-minded foodies!

Our Products

Lucky No. 777


Red Fijita Seasoning


Tribal Fire Grill – Professional Series


Tribal Fire Grill – Backyard Bundle


Tribal Fire Grill – Mini


Cook Top


Shake Things Up: Explore Our Sensational Spice Blends & Rubs!

Shop through our incredible collection of BBQ equipment, delectable sauces and Porcupine line of rubs that will together win you the title of the best BBQ host in the family!

Score Big Savings
on Deals!

Get your hands on amazing deals with Porcupine Trading! Shop savvy and save big on your favorite rubs, sauces and equipment!

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Says From Our BBQ Enthusiasts

Says From Our BBQ Enthusiasts